Proof of Concept:


Typically the toughest challenge is the initiation of a new concept in digital media. Technology, creative, business rationale, logistics, delivery and understanding outcomes. Multiple skill sets with a vast variety of expertise required.

At Viosity, we enable  the launch of Proof of Concepts for digital media networks. Our experience is that a pilot is typically just that, a test of a concept. We offer comprehensive management of the entire process to ensure your team doesn’t lose its way, waste time or money.

Our focus on the commercial objectives and isolate variables to allow the success measurement to be as precise as possible. We take a pragmatic straight forward approach, resolve the “right now” issues to create a successful program. Armed with the measured results, collectively we plan for a scalable  full implementation, clear on technology, creative, budgets and success criteria.

We transform your creative concepts & vision into tangible systems that enable customer engagement with measurable business outcomes. The following are typical components of our delivery to our clients:

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Stage One : Strategy

  • Business Objectives
  • Financial Structure
  • Time Frame
  • Stakeholders
  • Creative Direction

Stage Two: Structure

  • Venue Identification
  • Display Design
  • Creative Strategy
  • Media Production
  • Application Requirements
  • Network Infrastructure
  • System Dependencies
  • Measurement Process Design

Stage Three: Delivery

  • Media Production
  • Site Deployment and Installation
  • Application Deployment and Operation
  • Network Operations
  • System Exchanges confirmation
  • Media Distribution
  • Measurement
  • Moves, Adds, and Change Management

Stage Four: Transition

  • Measurement summary
  • Success Analysis & Recommendations
  • Solution Design& Workflow Documentation
  • Budget Analysis
  • Support Program Team Profile & Recruitment
  • RFP Preparation &  Management
  • Transition operational support